reinforcing steel bar series products.”


At JinDing, we focus on concrete reinforcing steel bar, ribbed steel bar, deformed bar, round or square bar, reinforcing mesh, steel fiber, steel bar grating, angle steel and series steel materials for construction application.

Hot Rolled Deformed Mild Steel Bar

Deformed steel bar is manufactured according to Standard BS4449 Grade460B, ASTM A615 Grade40-60 GB1449, HRB335, HRB400, HRB500.

Size: 6 - 32mm or 8-40mm; Length: 6 ~ 12m
Material grade: AISI 316L, 316, 310S, 310, 303, 304, 317, 321, AISI 410, 420, 430, 430F, 431, 416 AISI 201,Y201Cu,202.

Major Products

Hot rolled deformed bar Grade -40 is a popular building material for export. BS standard or other international standard meeted. The minimum elongation is 12%, major sizes as following: 

- Hot Rolled Ribbed / Deformed Steel Bar 10mm x 6mm
- Hot Rolled Ribbed / Deformed Steel Bar 12mm x 6mm
- Hot Rolled Ribbed / Deformed Steel Bar 16mm x 6mm
- Hot Rolled Ribbed / Deformed Steel Bar 20mm x 6mm 

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Bar
Hot Rolled Deformed Bar of 16mm diameter in 6 meter length, used in concrete construction

Reinforcing deformed steel bar of thickness 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, 14mm, 16mm,length 12mm, packed in 6mt strips.

Hot Rolled ribbed bar for Spainish Market: Diameter, sectional area, bar length, unit weight and packing details in both Spainish and English for ordering reference:

CABILLA 3/8” = Deformed steel bar for concrete reinforcement 3/8” or Ribbed steel bar 3/8”

Medida 3/8 pulg = Size (diameter from the steel rod expressed in inches)

Diámetro: 9.53 mm = Diameter (diameter from the steel rod expressed in millimeters)

Area: 0.71 cm2 = Area (Area from the transversal section from the steel rod)

Longitud: 12 mt = Length

Peso: 0.559 Kg/m = Weight (weight per meter)

Peso Pieza: 6.708 Kg/pieza = Weight per unit /Weight per steel rod unit

Embalaje: 300 unidades = Packing (how many steel rods per bundle)

Peso Total Atado: 2012 Kg = Bundle total weight (in this case it’s the total weight from the 300 units bundle)

Major sizes in Spainish for export:

Medida: 3/8 pulg
Diámetro: 9.53 mm
área: 0.71 cm2
Longitud: 12 mt
Peso: 0.559 Kg/m
Peso Pieza: 6.708 Kg/pieza
Embalaje: 300 unidades
Peso Total Atado: 2012 Kg

Medida 1/2 pulg
Diámetro: 12.70 mm
área: 1.27 cm2
Longitud: 12 mt
Peso: 0.994 Kg/m
Peso Pieza: 11.928 Kg/pieza
Embalaje: 150 unidades
Peso Total Atado: 1789 Kg

Medida 5/8 pulg
Diámetro: 15.88 mm
área: 1.98 cm2
Longitud: 12 mt
Peso: 1.554 Kg/m
Peso Pieza: 18.648 Kg/pieza
Embalaje: 100 unidades
Peso Total Atado: 1865 Kg

Medida 3/4 pulg
Diámetro: 19.05 mm
área: 2.85 cm2
Longitud: 12 mt
Peso: 2.237 Kg/m
Peso Pieza: 26.844 Kg/pieza
Embalaje: 80 unidades
Peso Total Atado: 2147 Kg

Medida 1 pulg
Diámetro: 25.40 mm
área: 5.07 cm2
Longitud: 12 mt
Peso: 3.977 Kg/m
Peso Pieza: 47.724 Kg/pieza
Embalaje: 42 unidades
Peso Total Atado: 2004 Kg

Deformed Steel Bars D 25, 20, 16 and 12 mm with specification in the PDF file, with yield strength, tensile strength, elongation rate and bendability (bending angle) details.

Reinforced Steel Bar of 25mm and 32mm diameter with detail specifications in attached PDF file.

We also supply following documents and information for shipment:

Mill Test Certificate/COA with company letter head, full name, Signature and company stamp provided for each lot of reinforcing materials; 
Surface finishing – Epoxy Coating (or) Galvanized Coating;
Length – 12 m (Deformed Bar);
Product Catalog with detail chemical composition;
Shipping form: containers, pallets, bulk;
Packing details;
Tariff Code;
Origin of the materials.